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You’ve worked hard to build a great life for yourself and your family, and our job is to help you enhance those efforts. We help multigenerational business owners and families design comprehensive financial strategies that protect their life’s work, grow their assets through investments, and establish powerful legacies that last for generations. We know every situation is unique, so we ask insightful questions and learn as much as possible about you and your financial world. Then we help you build a custom, comprehensive strategy that protects your wealth, minimizes your tax burden, and strengthens your future.

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Dan Gregory

Founder & CEO

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Licensed Service Assistant

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Licensed Service Assistant

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Strategic Alliances

Effective financial strategies can sometimes require a team of experts working together to serve your best interests. In such situations, we are the quarterback who makes sure everyone is working together to achieve the best possible results. If you have existing team members you trust, such as your CPA or attorney, we are happy to work with them, and we can also bring in our subject-matter experts as needed. Some of our strategic alliances are detailed below.

Our Services

All our client relationships start with a conversation about who you are and what matters to you. We want to know not only how we can strengthen your financial situation, but how we can improve your experience along the way. We walk beside you through the entire process, helping you better understand your needs, goals, opportunities, and risks. Then we discuss each potential solution with you so you can make the best decision for you, your business, and your family. Some of the common services we offer are:

Our Typical

We work with passionate business owners and families who want to make great lives for themselves and their loved ones. Some of our clients are third-generation entrepreneurs, while others are just joining their family business. No matter what stage of life or career they’re in, our clients care deeply about their loved ones and want to do well by them. Our job is to help them navigate the complexities of their financial world and show them how to enjoy a fulfilling life while building a secure future and strong legacy.

Our Process

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Each person, family, and business has a unique set of goals and values that determine the path they take on their financial journey. While the individual resources and tools we help you implement are customized to your needs, we follow an intentional framework that ensures each aspect of your finances are addressed as we work with you. We’ll adjust the process as needed to ensure your financial strategies and solutions suit your needs and goals as you grow. Whatever your vision of success is, here’s what you can expect when you work with us.

Step 1: Prepare and Personalize

Before we help to determine the next steps for your financial future, we want to get to know you. Some clients need help preparing their business for successors; others want to find a way to spend their golden years traveling the world. Whatever your goals and dreams are, we want to hear about them. Your desires and concerns for your future all play a role in your financial strategies and solutions, and who you are determines the decisions you make. Your process should suit your unique needs, goals, and risk tolerance, which is why we take the time to discover what success looks like to you before we recommend a specific direction. From there, we can fine-tune your strategies and choose solutions that are best aligned with your vision of success.

Step 2: Organize and Implement

Once we know what’s important to you and where you want to go, we’ll help you prioritize your goals and quantify them into specific objectives. Your plans for the future affect your current financial decisions and lifestyle, which is why it’s important to determine measurable steps to attain the future you desire. We’ll help you decide which goals are realistic and which should be adjusted or scaled down, then identify what resources are available to you.

From there, we’ll help you leverage current opportunities and create strategies that move you toward your goals. In this step of the process, we’ll identify and implement specific solutions to maximize your wealth, protect your assets, and help you prepare for the future. This could include establishing insurance policies, transferring assets to tax-efficient accounts, or assigning trustees for your estate. As we work with you, we’ll coordinate with your other trusted advisors as needed to ensure your financial solutions are in alignment with your overall tax and legal strategies.

Step 3: Monitor and Optimize

Setting you up for financial success isn’t a one-time process—the strategies we implement will continue to work on your behalf as you live your everyday life. As you grow, your priorities, goals, risk tolerance, needs, and the economy will change. We’ll make adjustments as needed and advise you on ways to improve your strategy whenever possible. We’re here to provide ongoing service and guidance whenever you have questions or seek advice for major financial decisions. Over time, we’ll monitor the progress of your wealth strategies and protection approach to ensure you’re on the right course to stay aligned with your goals. We’re in this for the lifetime of your financial strategy, just like you are, and we’ll make sure you’re working toward your vision of success no matter how your life evolves.